Helpful Tips
for first-time patients

Helpful Tips

We are very excited that you have booked your ticket and will soon be coming to Guatemala.
Instead of just telling you that everything about your trip will go great (which it will), here are a few helpful tips that will make sure you can rest easy while you receive the best dental treatment of your life.

Mobile Phone Service

If you do not have a mobile phone plan with coverage in Guatemala, it is extremely easy and affordable to get service here. Simply bring an unlocked GSM band phone with you and get a SIM chip and plan at the airport to suit the needs of your visit. There are a couple of carriers to choose from, and we recommend Tigo.



While we provide your transportation to and from the airport or your lodging to our office for your treatment, it is likely that you will need to get around the city for other needs during your visit. We highly recommend that you download the Uber app prior to your visit. Uber is very safe and extremely reliable throughout the city.


Lodging & Contact

The regular lodging we provide for our foreign clients is an Airbnb apartment. Please take note of the following information for the lodging:

10 Avenida A 2-37 zona 15
Colonia Tecun Uman

Contact: Dita +502 5428 8503


We hope these tips help you have peace of mind about your upcoming visit to Guatemala Dental.

When you land in Guatemala, we will be just outside the airport, holding a sign with your name.