Dental treatment without compromise

Guatemala Dental won’t compromise your budget, schedule or standards.

Rapid Treatment

At Guatemala Dental you won’t have to wait for months to get your appointment. We utilize the latest technologies, materials and methods so that we can complete many treatments in only one visit and more complicated treatments in just two visits. Book an office or virtual consultation now!

Latest Technology

Guatemala Dental prides itself with constantly adopting the latest proven technologies. We don’t carelessly change our practices, but if there is a safer, faster, more effective or less expensive method or material available anywhere in the world, we have it. Learn more about what we have to offer! 


Rapid treatment, the latest technology with very affordable prices – this is the trifecta you won’t find anywhere in the world except at Guatemala Dental. Our patients save up to 80% (or more) on some of the most common dental services – without compromise. We invite you to compare the costs for yourself!

Dental Tourism

Much like Mexico and Costa Rica, Guatemala has become a major destination for dental tourism. Instead of being on a waiting list, Guatemala Dental can treat you quickly while you save 50-80% and get to see some world-famous tourist destinations.

We know you may have some concerns, but don’t worry – we guide you through every step of the process! 

Ceramic Implants

One of the latest innovations in dental implants is the use of a ceramic material called zirconium oxide. If you are concerned about having metal implants, want holistic or hypoallergenic treatment that is ultra biocompatible, this may be exactly what you are looking for.

Root Canals each year

Dental Implants each year

Dental Crowns each year

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